8 Exciting Yoga Retreats in Europe for 2023

Yoga Retreats in Europe
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Do you dream of saluting the sun on a roof terrace with stunning Mediterranean sea views? Or how about meditating on a mountain in the Alps, or stretching on the beach after an epic surf in the Algarve?

Europe is not just a popular destination for tourists; there’s also plenty of idyllic places for yogis to find inner peace and exciting activities to enjoy.

But with such a diverse continent, how do you find the best yoga retreats in Europe? Well I’m here to help! Read on to discover the best yoga holidays across Europe and what to expect from them.

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Reasons to take a yoga retreat in Europe

The stunning nature, rich culture, exciting history, amazing food and a diverse range of excellent yoga retreats in Europe are all the ingredients you need for an amazing getaway.

  • Nature – From beautiful beaches to dramatic cliffs, to breath taking mountains and peaceful rolling countryside, Europe has everything.
  • Culture – European countries are known for their strong cultural heritage and beautiful historic buildings. This varies drastically from country to country, but wherever you retreat in Europe, it is bound to be an unforgettable cultural experience.
  • History – Europe is overflowing with interesting historical cities. Wandering along cobbled streets, past centuries old buildings, churches and castles transports you to days gone by.
  • Food – Just like the culture, the cuisine in each European country is unique. Whether it’s tapas in Tenerife, pizza in Pisa, or Tzatziki in Thessaloniki, the food alone is one top reason to enjoy a retreat in Europe.
blue church rooftops on santorini island in greece

Best places for yoga holidays in Europe

Whether you’re looking to combine exploring Europe’s charming historical cities with a yoga retreat, or are looking for a sunny yoga holiday within easy reach from the UK, there’s a diverse range of European yoga retreats for the perfect escape.

As there are so many fantastic options for yoga retreats in Europe, your personal preferences will determine which country is best.

However, if you need inspiration, here are the most most popular destinations and places for yoga holidays in Europe.

  • Italy – If your ideal yoga retreat includes delicious food, wine tasting, and stunning natural beauty, you’ll surely love a yoga retreat in Italy. Italy boosts some of the world’s most beautiful places, from the vineyards of Tuscany to the breath taking Dolomites, and of course plenty of beautiful landscapes and historic cities.
  • Spain – Spain offers many dreamy yoga holidays on the beach in Alicante, Ibiza, the Canary Islands, and more. However, you’ll also find plenty of alternative retreats in Spain, such as glamping in the Andalusian countryside! If you’re looking for winter sun in Europe – Spain’s Canary Islands are your best choice
  • Portugal – A yoga and surf retreat in Portugal is ideal if you love surfing, sea-kayaking, hiking, or any other outdoor activity. You’ll find tons of amazing yoga retreats in the world-famous Algarve and yoga and surf camps in famous surf spots like Peniche. Also make time to visit Portugal’s charming capital city of Lisbon.
  • Greece – Yoga and wellness retreats in Greece are often held on sun soaked islands that are blessed with beautiful beaches, pristine nature, ancient ruins and a laid back lifestyle. So if you’re looking for a wellness retreat in paradise, head to one of the gorgeous Greek islands. For a does of history and culture spend a few days in the capital, Athens.
  • France – From nature hikes to castle explorations, chic cities to cooking classes, yoga retreats in France are always full of adventure and incredible food. There’s so many interesting places to visit in France, you could even spend a few days in Paris too.
  • Croatia – Croatia is a fab choice if you want to combine yoga with culture. The country has a rich culture and history, so you’ll enjoy a stunning backdrop of ancient buildings on a yoga retreat in Croatia. The country also has plenty of untouched nature, stunning islands and a sparkling coastline.

Exotic countries like Morocco and Turkey are also cheap and easy to reach from Europe. Whether you want to combine yoga with surfing, exploring the souks or the Sahara desert, there’s plenty of yoga retreats in Morocco, most of which are very affordable.

There’s also some great options for yoga retreats in the UK which are perfect for a weekend wellness getaway.

Meditating by a lake - Yoga Retreats in Europe

The Best Europe Yoga Retreats

If choosing between the plethora of options for yoga retreats in Europe is spoiling your zen, we are here to make it easy for you. Here are 8 of the best yoga retreats in Europe:

Best Luxury Yoga Retreat in Europe – Move Beyond it, Tuscany, Italy

If you’re looking for a lavish, private yoga holiday in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy where you can pamper your mind, body, and soul, this 5-day luxurious healing retreat in Tuscany is for you.


  • 100% tailored program for your personal healing
  • 3 yoga, meditation, or spiritual healing sessions a day.
  • Stay in a luxurious spa hotel with free access to the thermal pools

This 5-day retreat takes place at a historic spa hotel overlooking the picturesque Tuscan hills. Here, you can enjoy various spa treatments in your free time.

Best Affordable Yoga Retreat in Europe – Golden Waves Surf & Yoga, Furadouro, Portugal

Combine yoga, surfing, and being immersed in nature on this affordable 3-day eco retreat in Portugal, with multiple accommodation options available to suit your budget.


  • Vinyasa and yin yoga classes
  • A range of outdoor activities to choose from; surfing, SUP, biking, etc.
  • Daily breakfast buffet

The Golden Waves lodge is located in the coastal town of Furadouro, just 30 kilometres from Porto. Surrounded by endless, unspoilt beaches, a nature park, and a lagoon, it is every outdoor lover’s dream! It’s also one of the cheapest retreats in Europe!

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Best Yoga Retreat in Spain – La Crisalida Retreats, Alicante

Enjoy the sunny weather and daily yoga classes in the heart of Costa Blanca on this 6-day all-inclusive yoga and wellness retreat in Alicante, Spain.


  • Outdoor yoga sessions (on the beach and outdoor yoga deck)
  • Guided walks
  • Yoga Nidra and meditation classes

This is one of the best all-inclusive yoga retreats in Europe. The programme includes a diverse range of yoga classes in different styles, healthy food (plant-based) and juices and airport transfer both ways. You’ll stay in a traditional Spanish-style apartment a short stroll from the beach.

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Best Yoga Retreat in Portugal – Shamballah Retreats, Sintra

This 6-day meditation and yoga vacation in magical Sintra is in the heart of Portugal’s most scenic coastal nature park which is also home to colourful, fairytale like palaces.


  • Daily yoga practice and meditation sessions
  • Various additional activities, such as forest therapy, sound journeys, and guided walks
  • Relaxing massage treatments

On this 6-day retreat, you’ll stay in a massive villa with a jacuzzi, mini gym, and a large terrace overlooking the ocean and countryside. It’s only an hour from Lisbon so you could also take a day trip and explore one of Europe’s most charming cities.

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Best Yoga Retreat in Greece – Adventure of Yoga with Ritu, Samothraki

This 7-day spiritual retreat on Samothraki Island is run by Indian yoga teacher Ritu and combines a stunning Greek island setting with authentic yoga instruction and much more.


  • Multiple yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Restorative yoga
  • Learn how to balance your energetic body with psychosomatic practices
  • Yoga Nidra and candlelight meditation
  • Mindful walks and mountain hikes

Along with all of the above, you’ll get plenty of time to explore the gems of Samothraki island, such as the crystal clear waterfalls, refreshing rivers and thermal pools.

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Best Yoga Retreat in Italy – Tuscan Fitness, Tuscany

If you want to work on your fitness, enjoy good food, and spend time in nature, the Tuscan Fitness 7-day program is one of the best yoga retreats.


  • Daily yoga sessions, including various yoga styles
  • Fitness classes (HIIT and functional training)
  • Guided hikes in the beautiful Tuscany countryside
  • Wine tasting at a local vineyard

You’ll stay in a delightful hilltop hotel with a swimming pool and priceless valley views from the yoga shala over one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.

Best Yoga Retreat in France – Hridaya Yoga, Saint-Just-d’Avray

This 8-day immersion is one of the best European yoga retreats for yogis who want to learn or deepen their knowledge of traditional Hatha yoga and meditation.


  • Twice daily Hatha yoga classes
  • Morning meditation sessions
  • Evening lectures and devotional singing

The Hridaya Yoga retreat is a transformative spiritual journey led by Sahajananda, the founder of Hridaya yoga and three other experienced yoga teachers.

The centre is located not far from the city of Lyon. The shared dorm accommodation option makes this one of the most affordable yoga and meditation retreats in Europe. Private rooms are also available.

Best Yoga Retreat in Croatia – 5 Elements – Rovinj

If you fancy practicing yoga in a historic Croatian town and getting your adrenaline racing with a bunch of adventure tours, you’ll love the 5 Elements 7-day yoga and adventure retreat.


  • Daily multi-style yoga and meditation
  • Wide range of activities available: kayaking, biking, hiking, SUP, and windsurfing
  • Sunset boat excursion

On this retreat, you’ll stay in a family-run guesthouse and enjoy an organic, vegan daily brunch.

Tips for planning your yoga holiday in Europe

The vast network of budget airlines and cheap flights in Europe makes getting around easy and affordable. Check Skyscanner to find the best options.

Public transport is generally very good in Europe. You can book buses, trains and ferries all across Europe at omio.com or ask your retreat organiser if they offer airport transfers.

As the climate significantly varies across Europe, I recommend researching the location of our retreat to ensure you visit during good weather. For most European countries, summer is the best time weather-wise, but also the busiest!

Whichever of these top yoga retreats you choose, ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers all the activities you plan to do, along with emergencies, COVID-related cancellations, and flight delays and check out our yoga retreat packing list if you need tips on what to bring.

And remember to check the reviews of all yoga retreats in Europe on BookYogaRetreats before booking one!

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